video art





2-16 October 2019

@ Combo Venice

open for applications

What is a purpose of selfie? Why we make them? ​What our selfie-taking behaviour tells about our culture or ourselves? Is it a simple photo that one has taken of oneself? Is it a modern  self-portrait or an other topic that psychology tries to figure out? We do not really know. We could not agree in certain points. ​What about you? How is is your selfie-taking behaviour?

​We invite brave and creative people to show what selfie is today. You can be CLASSY, CRITIC, SUREALISTIC, ABSTRACT, PRO AND CONTRA, we do not really mind.  ​Let your imagination to fly! For this reason we accept photos, multimedia works, installations and video arts  to blow the mind of people in Venice. Please note, the lenght of audio-visual works cannot exceed 2 min.

Application fee: 15 Eu (up to 3 images or one audio-visual work)​​




Submissions are welcomed from around the world.

​Applicants must  be 18 years of age or older.

​Artists can submit up to 3 photographs or one audio-visual work for 15 Euros.

​Artists can submit applications multiple times if they are applying with different projects, as long as they are submitted separately.

​Photographers will be contacted 4 weeks prior the event and will be asked to provide a hard copy of their work. Photos can be printed in Venice also, we just simply pick them up.

​Video artists will be contacted 4 weeks prior the event and will be asked to provide the correct file format of their work. (mp4) For the selection process we require a link only such as Vimeo or YouTube. Please note your work cannot exceed the lenght of 2 min.

​The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event program. Changes may be made by its content, method and organization before or during the event.

​The applicant acknowledges that printed materials that have been sent with a self-addressed envelop and postage will be returned only.

​The application fee is non-refundable.

​If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us on