in corporation with Biennale Urbana,
Esperienza Pepe and Pluff Festival


30-31 August 2018

@ Esperienza Pepe

Thanks to the support of Biennale Urbana we showcased multi-award winning Hungarian shorts, feature-lenght fictions,  documentaries and animations during the Cinema Biennale in Venice-Lido. ​​Some of the films had a long and successful journey before arriving to Venice. Meet three of them.

Image taken by: the French Pavilion,

Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, A Woman captured, creative documentary, 2018, Sundance, HotDocs, Sheffield Docs, FIPRESCI Award, Best European Documentary Award nominee in 2018
Kristof Deak, Sing, short film, 2016, Oscar Winner in 2017
Reka Bucsi, Love, short animation, 2017, Sundance, Best European Short Film Nominee in 2017
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